About Siding

About Siding


  • not fade, no need to paint, can be washed with water jet;
  • natural wood imitation;
  • siding is fire and pests resistant, waterproof;
  • low coating weight without overloading other building structures
  • siding resistant to weather changes, color changes, deformation, and corrosion;
  • wide application possibilities: walls, firewood, shelters, dries, fences, gazebos and etc.);
  • resistant to many living organisms (fungus, bacteria, insects, parasites and etc.);
  • resistant to extreme temperatures.

We will give a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty for color and fading!

Siding covered with a protective sheet cannot be left on direct sunlight, because the glue can remain on the tin while peeling.

SIDING profile wall coverings types:


Siding structure


Covering this coating you may need extra:

When installing SIDING panels You may also need these items:

  • self-rotation SCREWS with rubber gasket
  • corrective paints
  • steel profiles
  • standard and non-standard tin bendings/side trims
  • rolled/profiled steel coatings for doors, gates or other finishing elements.

 In our company, You can order everything from the list above.

If you have accurate wall plane dimensions – we will calculate the exact material estimate.

SIDING colors

Best of all, you can choose COLOR from this RAL color palette, which will allow you to customize your home, facade, slope, balcony, and more. style, colors and design integrity.

plienines dailylentes

plienines dailylentes

SIDING is a new generation solution for facade coating and restoration.

This innovation started to be produced and applied by customers request because steel sidings perfectly replace unstable and eventually fading plastic tables. Due to its durability and resistance to environmental influences and pests, wood imitation steel siding is a great solution for those who get tired to paint every few years the usual wooden boards used for facades every few years The modern production base allows to avoid the consequences of the human factor: automated machines produce tables otherwise than by the manual bending (bending each edge separately) remain the same, so it‘s easy to mount. Also, the installation work and final product quality are enhanced by the fact that special mechanisms automatically disassemble the holes during the manufacturing of the tables, forming highly precise segments of the couplings.

These panels are made with new technological equipment that can be used not only to customize the length of the product but also to break out special holes in the table which means they can be perforated to produce a ventilated facade effect. Also, this kind of sidings often used for roofing installation (perforating each or every second table). The paneling is designed to renovate an old wooden or wooden facade or to construct a new building, in combination with finishing bricks or other finishing facade materials.

Steel sidings are worth choosing because of their durability, environmental resistance, and pest resistance, long-lasting, ease of maintenance and a wide choice of colors.